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How To Play How to Play: Play Now

  • You can now start playing in Tennis Exchange with your TennisEarth account. You would be awarded 100,000 tollars to buy the stocks of your favourite players.
  • Buy/Sell Tennis Pro stocks and see your Assets growing with your player performances and your activeness to shuffle your portfolio. The Price of stock will be based on the performance of the Player (TE Rating) and demand of the stock.
  • You earn dividends on your stocks as per the performance of player whom you have selected.
  • Don't forget to invite your friends to the stock exchange. As a real world stock broker, you earn bonus dividend on your friends' earnings.
  • All transaction on Tennis Exchange are done through TennisEarth currency called 'Tollars'(t)

Competition & Prizes Competition & Prizes:

  • Best Traders of the Month

    The top 10 best traders of the month will continue to their Monthly tollar bonuses. The top trader will receive 1,000,000 bonus tollars, followed by 900,000 bonus tollars for second position, and so on upto the 10th position (100,000 bonus tollars).

Restrictions Restrictions:

  • You cannot Buy/Sell a stock of a player from the moment he/she starts playing a match till the time the dividend is declared (typically in an hour after the completion of the match)
  • You would be charged 1% brokerage tollars for Buying and Selling of a stock.
  • Once you reach a milestone of earnings, you will become eligible for the prestigious set of assets. For instance, the moment you cross 5 mn tollars, you become entitled to a Car, and similarly to a country house with 20 mn tollars. Subsequently, as an honored trader, you will restart your journey for the next big asset with a bigger cash amount for further play.
Here's the list of assets which are up for grabs -
Symbol Assets Asset Worth Cash Reward(*)
     Wad of cash t 1 million t 200k
     Diamond Ring t 2 million t 250k
     Car t 5 million t 300k
     Yacht t 10 million t 400k
     Country House t 20 million t 500k
     Jet t 50 million t 600k
- Exclusive Estate t 100 million t 700k
     Exotic Island t 200 million t 800k
     King of small Country t 500 million t 900k
     Tennis Mogul t 1 billion t 1000k
* Once contestants achieve an asset, they will receive a cash reward to proceed to the bigger goal

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