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Mark Edmundson

(Commentary Editor) with since 13-July-2009

Brief Resume

Mark started his career as a Business Associate and acquired his Diploma in Journalism in 2005.

Mark worked as a Freelance journalist for several magazines and wrote articles ranging from lifestyle to politics. He joined the TennisEarth team in August 2008 as an Editor and quickly established himself at ease with the sports journalism.

Mark possesses a high tennis acumen both as a fan and as an editor and has been involved in some impressive work towards ensuring high quality standards for the website.

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Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Men Singles  R16
Pablo C.. (ESP) 0 0 1
Novak Djokovic (SRB) Winner 2 6 6
P Carrenobusta - Djokovic    0 - 6    1 - 6   
Served By: N Djokovic Won By: Djokovic
Game IN, Winner: Djokovic!!! Good serve in the middle, Carrenobusta crafts a forehand return, short rally, Djokovic comes in quickly and volleys a forehand winner.
40-0   IN, Winner: Djokovic!!! Djokovic serves a good one, Carrenobusta puts back a forehand return, good rally, P Carrenobusta over-hits a backhand in the rally.
30-0   IN, Winner: Djokovic!!! Quick serve, Carrenobusta returns a quick forehand return, couple of shots exchanged, P Carrenobusta over-cooks a backhand in the rally.
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