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Tennis Stars or Entrepreneurs?

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Tennis Stars or Entrepreneurs?
No one would argue that tennis is the most glamorous sport in the world and the exposure, recognition and attention its performers receive help them in starting an alternate career. Most of them use their superstar status to make a push for a particular brand or launch an apparel line or in Maria Sharapova's case start-off a candy business. In fact, the success stories of tennis players as impresarios aren't new as French showman Rene Lacoste nicknamed as 'the crocodile' set up a sports outfits company with his own surname in the 1930's. Taking cue from the likes of Lacoste, and Bjorn Borg, everyone from Serena Williams to Roger Federer to Caroline Wozniacki all are trying their hands at becoming the next generation innovators off the court.

Lacoste wasn’t the only person who went on to transform his clothing business into a conglomerate, Fred Perry the last British male to win Wimbledon too was as much an achiever as the man from Paris. The eight times Grand Slam winner’s Burberry range became a fashion disease in the British society and was a ‘must have’ item in the wardrobe of every youngster.

In essence, we can say that the initiaves of these players have taken the sport of tennis beyond a rectangular arena and have made it a point of discussion in the fashion magazines, among luxury brand makers and in-front of the cameras of the paparazzi media.

TennisEarth offers its readers an inimitable take on the business senses of the game’s biggest luminaries. Here are the most flourishing businesses of the men and women that fascinate the world with their every move.

1. Timeless King Roger Federer's RF Monogram: The RF emblem is the single most powerful trademark that has created an identity of sorts and is worn by millions of fans of the Swiss maestro. Under an agreement with his clothing sponsor Nike the legend markets a number of products that includes shoes, caps, T-shirts, bandannas and jackets and with that has already began his career off the court. Moreover, the 31 year old is often seen with Editor-in-Chief of iconic fashion magazine Vogue Anna Wintour and with that has always remained high on the guest list of the fashion aficionados.

2. Fiesty Llyeton Hewitt’s Apparel Brand "C'Mon'”:  The last Australian man to win a Grand Slam Hewitt had announced the commencement of his range of outfits by the name of "C'Mon'" during the 2013 Australian Open. The collection includes sublimated training shirts, hats, polos and tanks. Its name was concieved by Hewitt’s rendition of fist pumps and his loud screams of ‘Come On’ on a tennis court. The people loved his indomitable character and all those little outbursts of emotions made the buffs associate with him.

On being asked how the enterprise was though-of, the Adelaide native told the ATP: “Something I grew up with was a ‘never say die’ attitude. I can’t tell you how many times in matches to get that extra ball back or to try and hang in there, believing in myself. It’s not something I just do in tennis. I want to get the best out of myself in life in general.”

The 2002 All England Club champ added: “Me saying ‘C’mon’ on the court is a trademark and everyone knows me for that. People in Australia align me with that word, so it was good to go in partnership with Tennis Australia and come out with a clothing line during the Australian summer. The biggest thing is to give kids an opportunity to wear tennis clothes that are affordable”.

3. Haughty Serena Williams’ Signature Assortment of Women’s Accessories:  The winner of 15 Majors Serena runs her own label of ultra luxurious clothing and ancillary items called the Signature Style. The range features everything from nail polish to handbags.  While on the jewelry front it includes stocky metallic cuffs, coated bangles, dangle earrings and rings. What’s more all these accessories are available at a reasonable price that ranges in between 29.95 to 100 dollars.

The American stated: “I always want to make a statement, both on and off the court. One of my dreams has always been to share gorgeous gifts of fashion and luxury with the world. Off the court, my passion is fashion. Signature Statement is my own line of accessories and fashion, complete from jewelry to dresses.”

4. Eye-Candy Maria Sharapova’s Candy Product Sugarpova:  Reigning French Open champion Maria Sharapova contrary to her peers has delved into a different zone altogether - the Russian diva has introduced a candy line known as Sugarpova and ever since the product was made available across retail stores the response to it has been overwhelming. The 25 year earns a profit of 1.10 dollars on every bag of candies which is priced at 5.99 dollars. The lollies come in twelve flavors and varied shapes - purses, tennis balls and high heels and according to her it is a resemblance of her own personality and has especially been created after taking into account the swinging moods of girls.

The lanky beauty has this to say when she was queried on the reason behind her toffee trade: "I've worked with so many companies over the last few years, whether it was doing a collection or being part of an ad or face of a brand. I wanted to own something – something 100 per cent me. Where I make all the final decisions. Here I'm involved from start to finish, and bringing in my own people I want to work with and investing my own money. I wanted fun and young and nothing too serious. That’s how it came about with candy."

5. Oomph Caroline Wozniaki’s Lingerie Line “This is Me”: Former world no.1 Caroline Wozniacki took the appeal of a tennis star to another level as she struck a chord with her large male following by launching a very private and intimate range of underwear. The Caroline Wozniacki underwear collection tagged as "This is Me" has been manufactured in association with Denmark's celebrated underwear brand JBS and has offerings in two versions - cotton and in a microfiber design. The anthology is a result of Wozniacki's ambitions and reflects her likes and her preferred point of ease.

6. Bighearted Andy Murray’s Five Star Hotel Venture: Without doubt, the US Open champ has an eye on what he would do once he hangs up his racquet as the Scot recently acquired the Cromlix House Hotel that is just a couple of minutes drive away from his hometown of Dunblane. The hotel at present has 14 bedroom suites, a chapel, reception hall, two drawing rooms, conservatory, dining room, library and meeting rooms.

It is spread across 50 acres of woodlands and has a garden with a trout loch. Andy is preparing to modernize the Victorian era building into a 15-room five-star hotel that would attract more tourists to the region.  Its renovation is scheduled to be completed before the Ryder Cup commences at the nearby Gleneagles course in 2014.

The Olympics gold medalist said: "I am pleased to have acquired Cromlix House and look forward to securing its future as a successful business. By re-establishing Cromlix as a leading luxury hotel at the heart of the Dunblane community we will be able to attract new visitors to the area, create a number of new jobs and focus on supporting other local businesses. I'm pleased to be able to give something back to the community I grew up in."

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