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Shirtless Novak Djokovic: Player on court and off it

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Shirtless Novak Djokovic: Player on court and off it
Novak Djokovic's rival on court might be Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, but off it he can rival the biggest Casanova Marat Safin too. The Serb is good friends with the Russian, and the way he milk the 'hospitality' at the Brazil event where the Serb was playing a friendly against legend Gustavo Kuerten.

World No.1 Novak Djokovic is the top dog of tennis today. The Serb has been sublime the last two years, and his popularity on the tour is not just limited to his tennis prowess but also his sense of humor too. The Australian Open champion decided to milk the hospitality at an exhibition event in Brazil as he played retired superstar Gustavo Kuerten.

One can’t help but be envious of Novak, the Serb is supremely talented on court and off it he’s witty and sexy. The World No.1 made the most of the so called ball girls present at the Brazil exhibition event.

At first as he sat for a changeover on his chairs, these four Brazilian hotties came over to give Novak a ‘relaxing’ massage, clever as a fox the Djoker then took his shirt off to draw a response from the crowd.

The World No.1 then decided to stretch his legs and lay down as the girls continued to massage him. As the referee called for time, Novak then to rub it in perhaps, gave the four beauties a hug and then resumed play.

The video certainly tells us why it is difficult to be a Djokovic fan, it is for me anyway.

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Jelena's going to have words no doubt!



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