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Sharapova voices views on Serena Williams

By Abhimanyu Nagpal    + Follow

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Sharapova voices views on Serena Williams
Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have shared a less than friendly relationship all through their career, in fact recently the two got into a verbal row. Sharapova has now shared her views on what the Russian thinks about Williams.

The two have had a feisty relationship ever since the Russian made her debut and started to hog Serena’s share of the limelight, Maria Sharapova was on Larry King’s show Larry King Live and gave a little insight to what she thought about the American.

The World No.3 had to withdraw from the US Open this year due to injury, and spent the time by staying in New York and catching up with friends. Sharapova doesn’t usually do that, so it was a surprise to see her stay back and participate in Porsche events and New York Fashion Week extravaganzas.

Sharapova watched the US Open final between Victoria Azarenka and her biggest rival – Serena Willaims which is also something that she doesn’t do often. Later on, in an interview with Larry King, Sharapova said that Serena "an incredible athlete" and, at King's prodding, says that, among the all-time greats, "She's certainly up there."

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Posted By bchilly.walker,   Posted about 212 days and 22 hours ago

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A standing ovation for Ms Sharapova a true lady capable of putting aside her differences and being candid !



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