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Serena Williams vs Shuai Peng: WTA Madrid Match Preview

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Serena Williams vs Shuai Peng: WTA Madrid Match Preview
World No.1 Serena Williams is in action at the Mutua Madrid Open here in the Spanish capital today as the American takes on Chinese Shuai Peng in the third round of the event.

After a two day rest, top seed Serena Williams is set to play her third round match here at the Premier Mandatory event – the Mutua Madrid Open here in the Spanish capital. The 17-time Grand Slam champion comes into the tournament as the defending champion and an overwhelming favourite to capture her third title here.

Coincidentally, it will also represent her third title for 2014 and will also be her second Premier Mandatory event of the year. Williams is the dominant force in women’s tennis and the rest of the players are still looking for an answer to the 32 year-old powerful game.

Where she edges out the rest is her ability to hit big serves when the going gets tough. In women’s tennis, there are plenty who have big returns and ability to control points from the back of the court, but where they all lack is the serve.

Looking at the statistics, Serena’s 73 percent points won on the first serve is something that doesn’t happen very often in the sport. A majority of those 73 percent points come in the form of aces as Serena has managed an awesome 146 aces for the current season.

To top that, the younger Williams sister also tends to dominate from the back of the court when it comes to the return of serve and has won 42 percent of her return games as well.

Facing Serena and all those numbers today will be China’s Shuai Peng who is 28 years of age at the moment and is ranked at 42 in the world. Peng has a win-loss record of 12-8 so far this year, and plays right-handed.

Head to Head: This is the third meeting between the two and unsurprisingly Serena has a whitewash 2-0 lead over the Chinese.

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