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Serena Williams set to retire in 2014?

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Serena Williams set to retire in 2014?
Although she maintains that she is still motivated and feels fitter than ever before, certain journalists are speculating on whether American tennis legend Serena Williams is considering hanging her boots in 2014.

One of the greatest players to have ever graced the tennis court – Serena Williams had a sensational 2013 season, where she broke several records. In fact it was in 2013 that the American won the most number of matches that she has ever won in a season, and also won the highest prize money in one year.

After playing tennis of the level she did this year, it seems as though the American is set to dominate several years to come as her adversaries still seem to be light-years behind her. And it will hence be a huge surprise should the younger Williams sister decide to throw in the towel at this moment in time. Or would it?

Williams has often said that she would like to retire at her own terms, at a time when she is at the top of her game with no one else in sight. And no other year would present her with such an opportunity. That in itself could be considered a huge hint from the Floridian, who turned 32 in September.

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou's rumored girlfriend said she has "never felt so fit" and would like to "continue her journey" and add to her trophy cabinet despite being 32 years of age, according to BBC Sports.

Nevertheless, in that very interview the younger Williams sister said she would end her career on a high, in fact at a time when she feels that she is at the top of her powers as a tennis player.

While most of her adversaries would be hoping this is how good Serena can ever get, Mouratoglou disagrees, he thinks that the American "still has a margin for improvement that is enormous," giving insight into his long-time commitment to her career.

The Frenchman is also believes that Williams is one the very best players that he has ever coached.

"Serena will never drop her guard. She will stop perhaps, but she won't drop her guard. She won't be 50th in the world, that's for sure. She wouldn't accept it from herself. It's not the style of the maison," he told the New York Times.

"It can't hurt, that's for sure. For sure it helps. She told me all the trophies we win when we work together we'll put them in the academy. They are in the entry. We reorganized. We made a big room like a players' lounge in the entry with the bar and put a trophy case there, which is already full."

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