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Serena Williams interacts with her fans on Twitter with #SerenaFriday

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Serena Williams interacts with her fans on Twitter with #SerenaFriday
Seventeen-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams answered a few more questions, both personal and professional this Friday as she continued with her #SerenaFriday tradition. Her followers are allowed to ask her questions on Friday using the hashtag and Serena answers the ones that she finds best.

There are quite a few benefits of being on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, none are however more exciting than the prospect of actually being able to talk to your favourite sportsmen/women. This Friday, women’s World No.1 Serena Williams continued in her tradition of answering questions to fans who used “#SerenaFriday”.

Following are some of the responses that she gave to a bunch of her fans:

Serena Williams ‏ - Anywhere in the USA RT “@JamesMajestic: @serenawilliams What is your favorite tournament to play? #RenasArmy #SerenaFriday.”

Serena Williams ‏- I never thought if it?? RT “@thelastbenjamin: @serenawilliams what's your favorite bird and why? Please say eagle! #serenafriday”

Serena Williams - Mostly my iPhone RT“@mjjwoman: @serenawilliams when you do #SerenaFriday are you on your mobile or laptop? Always curious.”

Serena Williams ‏- More busy than my in season! RT “@iAmNELLEZ_: How's off season treating you? @serenawilliams #SerenaFriday”

Serena Williams - I can't answer them all! I try. RT “@sedmosbique: @serenawilliams #AskSerena why dont you answer me?”

Serena Williams ‏- @onlytimeifollow: Can u convince @Venuseswilliams to pick a day to tweet too? @serenawilliams #SerenaFriday #veerenasarmy” I'll try!

Serena Williams ‏- My physio @estaleemob does them for me RT“@CmonSerena: @serenawilliams How do you strap your ankles before every match? #SerenaFriday”

Serena Williams ‏- They are @beatsbydre and they are amazing RT“@0try: @serenawilliams Tell us more bout the headphones you been wearing lately ? #SerenaFriday

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