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Serena Williams and her 11 WTA Titles in 2013

By Akshay Kohli 

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Serena Williams and her 11 WTA Titles in 2013

World No.1 Serena Williams showed some amazing form in 2013 as she swept past any and every challenge put in front of her. The American managed assimilating an outstanding 78-4 win-loss record this season that fetched her more than $12 Million in Prize Money.

Winning a personal best 11 WTA Tour Titles this year, Williams became the oldest player in WTA History to become No.1 and also managed breaking the Single Season Prize Money record with $12,385,572 (previous record belonged to Victoria Azarenka with $7,923,920 last year).

Ending the season just the way she commenced it – with a Title, we have a look at those 11 Titles this Amazing American won in 2013.

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