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Serena Williams: I feel really good about my game

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Serena Williams: I feel really good about my game
World No.1 and two-time defending champion Serena Williams has said that she is feeling really good about her game after taking that extended break from the sport after her shock defeat at the hands of Jana Cepelova in her opener at Charleston.

17-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams has declared her love for the city of Madrid where she will be competing to complete a three-peat of titles at the Mutua Madrid Open from Sunday.

The American said: "I love Madrid. I just love coming here. It's the reason why I come back every year. I mostly love the city - it's just so pretty. And the food is great, so I love the food, obviously."

On being asked why she performs so much better on the clay courts of the Spanish capital, she replied: "I don't know. I just love playing here. I hate leaving, I guess. I just don't want to leave. I want to stay. I also love the tournament directors and people who run it - they do a really good job."

She added: "I feel good. I feel really good. I feel positive, and I think that's what matters most."

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