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Prize money for French Open 2011 Men's and Women's Winner

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Prize money for French Open 2011 Men's and Women's Winner
For the good of sport and professionals, prize money in Grand Slams has been on the rise for the last three years. After an increment in prize money at the All England Club, the organizers of the French Open followed the suit and augmented the prize money.

It started almost three years back and now we have been witnessing a consistent rise in prize money in Grand Slam events. Amidst present state of affairs, when other sport authorities have been announcing a whopping increment in prize money for the players, such announcements have come forth as a welcome news for tennis fraternity and professionals.

Following the All England Club, organizers of the French Open have decided to increase the prize money of singles champions from this year onwards. Well, the singles champions at the French Open will each receive $1.7 million, up from about $1.4 million last year.At the same time, organizers also declared that the total prize money for this clay-court Grand Slam tournament is going up to $25 million from about $20.7 million in 2010.

Last year, Rafael Nadal and Francesca schiavone won the men’s and women’s singles finals respectively. The total cash prize last year was €16,807,400. This year the total cash prize money for Roland Garros 2011 is €17,520,000.

Here’s the 2011 Roland Garros Winners Prize Money Breakdown:

French Open 2011 Men’s and Women’s Singles:

Champion: €1,200,000
F: €600,000
SF: €300,000
QF: €150,000
R16: €75,000
R32: €42,000
R64: €25,000
R128: €15,000

Catch all the buzz of Roland Garros!

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Posted By hckf,   Posted about 1184 days and 9 hours ago

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Both Li Na and Schiavone are good players. Lina is in better form this year, that is why she is the winner of the French open 2011

Posted By vojvodavuk011,   Posted about 1193 days and 13 hours ago

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I wonder how much of the prize money ends up in the actual winners pocket-after you deduct tax, coaches fees, nutritionists and the whole entourage the top players travel with these days. Not that they're complaining I'm sure!!!



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