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Roger Federer to step down as ATP Player Council President

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Roger Federer to step down as ATP Player Council President
Roger Federer - the man responsible for the recent radical changes in the sport of tennis especially with regard to hike in prize money for lower ranked players at the Grand Slams will not be running for re-election as the President of the prestigious ATP Player Council - a post he has held uninterruptedly since 2008.

17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer will not seek an extension to his role of the ATP Player Council President when the players’ body will meet to discuss matters regarding the functioning of the sport ahead of Wimbledon in London on Friday. His decision was confirmed both by the ATP and his agent Tony Godsick.

The Swiss alongside three other player representatives was the major force behind the decision of the Grand Slams Committee to increase the prize money of all the four Majors particularly for players who lose in the first, second and the third rounds. Unlike his predecessors, Federer – the most decorated and respectable figure in the men’s game took serious interest in bringing reforms to the ATP. The Council will pick a new President and the other members in its meeting later tomorrow. 

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