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Roger Federer- Style Icon

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Roger Federer- Style Icon
Former World No. 1 Roger Federer has stood out distinctively among the tennis stars not just for being the greatest player of the sport in history but also for carrying an air of elegance and grace that has raised him to a level where he is also identified as a style icon for millions of his fans.

Roger Federer carries with him a rare aura of being suave both on and off the court. The Swiss maestro hardly breaks a sweat even at the most tense moment of a Grand Slam final, so it is quite imaginable that the tennis superstar displays a high level of elegance and graciousness when he is relaxed or is getting ready for a photo shoot or walking down the red carpet for some glittering event. That Federer is stylish and one of the best dressed man in the sport would be quite an understatement. No wonder, global brands queue up to get the former world No.1 to promote their line of fashionable and luxurious products.

Federer is in the league of those personalities who are born once in every century. The 17-time Grand Slam Championship is an epitome representing a rare combination of gracefulness, genius and absolute mental calmness. The Swiss superstar has never been seen dressed floppily and also does not rushes or looks disheveled even when he is not in command of a match or even facing a certain defeat.


Federer has purposely classified his outfits and other range of clothing style as per the occasion he attends or is into. For instance, when the maestro is in a relaxed mood in the company of closed ones or outside for a brief friendly talk, he dresses up casually in a slim fit pair of jeans with a lightweight cashmere jumpers. Casual trousers and crisp shirts also remains Federer’s first choice when it comes for evening wear for a nice stroll.

Suits are an essential part of every matured man’s wardrobe, and also an absolute necessity that the wearer looks sharp in it. Federer’s carefully selected wardrobe comprises of a collection that expresses his versatility. While there is the classic and the original slim cut black suit that Federer loves to put on for the more formal outings and celebratory functions, a single breasted two-buttoned grey suit adds up to the elegance and brings out the style quotient in him.

Federer represents a unique blend of fashion and style, and the way the father of two lovely girls has taken care a good care of himself and on how he looks and appears has made him a role model and a men’s men.

And while, Federer’s fascination with trying on new stylish garments is accepted off the courts, the stadium arena where his supremacy reigns and his wizardry begins has also been a stage to try on with unique ideas of outfits and range of wears that has not only made him unique but also identified with him.

The Australian Open is often a time when the veteran puts on an outfit that has a predominantly blue-themed themed apparel. The simple and subtle details of his clothing gives his taste a modern appeal while conforming to the latest choice of the fashionable public.

Even at the Wimbledon where an all-white outfit exist as a compulsion for the players, Federer’s sponsors has taken the opportunity to create for him a clean and an understated appearance. It comprises of a jacket that is inspired by the classic military silhouette from the sixties, along with a polo shirt and a cool elegant trouser. Combining fashion with comfort, the developer has also incorporated a certain fabric technology that helps keep the sweat from the skin.

While Federer has had far more success on the courts of Wimbledon, Melbourne Park and the Flushing Meadows, the clay courts of Roland Garros has failed him to create further records on many occasion. However, from a fashion outlook, the French Open is always a time for Federer to try on something colorful and daring that he generally concedes to or wears.

For instance, the 2011 edition of the Major event will be always remembered for his sporting of a striped shirt that had burgundy and white lines running horizontally and coordinating with a pair of shoes that had the same pattern emulated on it. It was a stylish choice that was considered smart by many as it allowed a subtle visibility of clays that got on the shoes.

Rolex - Whatever outfit that Federer choose to wear, the luxurious timepiece Rolex is one accessory without which Federer would be incomplete while stepping out of his field of pure domination. Federer started endorsing the brand from a young age of twenty, and has certainly added an extra dimension to his overall appeal of a stylish man. The commercial influence that Federer yields off the court has allowed the Swiss premium watch brand to sign a 10-year contract in 2006 that is worth 15 million dollars which also happens to be the single largest endorsement for any professional athlete.

Federer once famously described himself as a ripe grape ready for making a good wine. The star athlete has experienced much in his celebrated life but still acknowledges that there are still more to do experience. He accepts that he likes to go on shopping and agrees that one must have an idea of what to wear and what not to.

This attitude of Federer, his liberal and humble perception of all the affairs going around him; and the retention of his own simplicity even when he has established himself as a global sporting icon at quite a young age enabled him to emerge as a preferred style icon for the millions who adore and respect him.

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