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Roger Federer: Scared of Skydiving and bungee jumping

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Roger Federer: Scared of Skydiving and bungee jumping
17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer has revealed his many fears in a recent interview given to one of his sponsors Credit Suisse in Zurich. The former World No.1 mentioned that he is scared of spiders and also fears roller coaster rides.

World No.4 Roger Federer has disclosed that he gets frightened by seeing spiders. Additionally, he dislikes adventure sports like skydiving, bungee jumping etc.

The Swiss said: “A lot of things frighten me. Spiders I could do without. In fact, there are plenty of pests I can do without. Also, when I was at Disney World with my kids, for example, I was glad I only had to go on the little roller coasters and not the big ones. I don’t think I could stomach that. Skydiving, bungee jumping, no way, not for me.”

On being asked about the disadvantages of being famous, the superstar replied: “Well, you certainly don’t get much of a private life, that’s one disadvantage [of being famous]. The nice thing, of course, is that people are always pleased to see you and you receive a lot of support. Many people also come up to me and say how great it is to meet me. That obviously gives you a really nice feeling. Amongst all the stress and in such a surreal world in the big cities and permanently on the road and all the pressure that builds up, it’s important to remember why I actually play tennis.”

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