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Roger Federer: Nadal now is the favorite for Roland Garros

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Roger Federer: Nadal now is the favorite for Roland Garros
World No.3 Roger Federer remained positive about his prospects at Roland Garros and also admitted that Rafael Nadal would be a favorite going into the second Grand Slam of the year.

Roger Federer reached his first final of the year last week at the International BNL d'Italia and it did not turn out to be one worth remembering as the Swiss Maestro lost a lop sided final to arch nemesis Rafael Nadal 1-6, 3-6. But the World No.3 is positive about his return to Roland Garros, where he won the title in 2009.

“I am playing well and I am healthy, so I have everything to play for next week,” said Federer. “This week was good to get an idea about what is working.” For the first time in 13 years Federer comes into the French Open without winning a title. He then went on to admit that Nadal, “is now the favourite for Roland Garros”.

Nadal goes into Roland Garros after reaching eight finals back to back out of which he emerged triumphant in 6. “Novak has beaten Rafa once in Monaco, so he knows how to win, but only Robin Soderling has beaten him in Paris. It will be difficult.”

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