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Rafael Nadal pits Federer and Djokovic rivalry against each other

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Rafael Nadal pits Federer and Djokovic rivalry against each other
Most experts believe that Novak Djokovic has been a bigger thorn in US Open champion Rafael Nadal's flesh than career-long rival Roger Federer. Nevertheless, what's most important is what the Spaniard thinks himself.

Thirteen-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal is widely regarded as the hardest player to beat in modern day tennis. However, in a recent interview Rafa has revealed who he finds hardest to beat. Is it career long rival Roger Federer or is it current World No.1 Novak Djokovic?

While he remained coy on pointing in one particular direction, he did seem to hint that his rivalry with Federer is more special to him. Whether it’s because how easy he finds beating Federer (21-10 head to head lead), or is it something else one has to wonder. Here’s what Nadal has to say about both rivalries.

“They are completely different matches that you approach differently. They are special matches,” he said “With Federer, I have shared and continue to share a rivalry since I started out. We have lived very beautiful moments in our careers.

“But with Novak too, I’m happy to have been in the midst of these rivalries and to have played matches like the ones I have played against them both,” said the world No. 2 who is now just 60 points away from becoming the World No.1 for the third time in his career.

Rafa has had a splendid 2013, where he already won 10 titles and has a landslide 17-1 record against the top 10.

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Posted By bobbymina,   Posted about 211 days and 11 hours ago

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i agree with what rafa said.



Barcelona Open Banc Sab.., Men Singles  R32
Rafael Nadal (ESP) Winner 2 7 6
Albert Ramos-vinolas (ESP) 0 6 4
Nadal - Ramos-vinolas    7 - 6    6 - 4   
Served By: A Ramos-vinolas Won By: Nadal
Game IN, Winner: Nadal!!! Ramos-vinolas goes for a out-wide serve, Nadal returns a forehand return, huge rally, Ramos-vinolas pulls a forehand cross-court wide of the court.
0-40   IN, Winner: Nadal!!! Ramos-vinolas serves a high kick serve, Nadal returns a backhand return, Ramos-vinolas goes for a forehand down the line but catches the net.
  Fault. First Fault.
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