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Rafael Nadal can win 4 more Grand Slams: Boris Becker

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Rafael Nadal can win 4 more Grand Slams: Boris Becker
Former World No.1 Boris Becker feels that Rafael Nadal can overtake Roger Federer to lead the list of the maximum Majors won.

German Boris Becker recently confessed that he strongly believes that Rafael Nadal can overtake Roger Federer as the player with the most Grand Slam victories.

“It's a pleasure to talk about Nadal. He has made one of the best comebacks in the history of world sport. The best there ever was in tennis. It's like a story in a book. He returned in February in South America, successfully defended his Roland Garros title, his eighth, and although he did not then do well at Wimbledon, incredibly earned the number 1 ranking. I saw him at the start of the year at his coach's house in Manacor. He was still injured...and now he's number 1! He's a great champion”, Becker expressed.

He further added, “A year ago I would have said it was impossible to match Federer in Grand Slam victories. But nothing is impossible for Nadal. He's 27 years old and Federer has 17 Grand Slams. Four more are possible.”

The German is also a big fan of Bayern Munich, “Guardiola is doing a magnificent job. It will be interesting to see what happens now in the Club World Cup, but Bayern Munich is playing better than it has for years. It's a new system which the players have adapted to - very Barcelona, which I like,” Becker said.

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