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Rafael Nadal believes he can better Djokovic at Australian Open

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Rafael Nadal believes he can better Djokovic at Australian Open
While he may have lost two consecutive hard court battles to fierce rival Novak Djokovic of late, World No.1 Rafael Nadal believes he will have a bigger chance at the Australian Open in January.

Despite losing two finals in a row to fierce rival Novak Djokovic on hard courts, World No.1 Rafael Nadal believes that he has a better chance of defeating the Serb at next year’s Aussie Open.

The Spaniard was overwhelmed by his rival on Monday as ATP’s season came to a close at the ATP World Tour Finals. Nonetheless, Rafa remains confident of making a serious challenge at the Grand Slam of the Asia Pacific, where the Serb has been unbeaten in three years.

''(Rod Laver Arena) is a little bit more favorable court for me''.

Rafa had of course won the title in Melbourne back in 2009 by defeating Roger Federer in the final. Against Novak though, the story was a bit different as in 2012 Nadal lost in a thrilling five set battle to the Serb. Last year, Nadal was unable to participate as he continued to recuperate from a knee injury.

This is the only Grand Slam that 2009 Australian Open champion has not won more than once as he has won 8 French Open titles, 2 Wimbledon championships and 2 US Open trophies.

The Norman Brooks trophy is the only Grand Slam trophy that Rafa has failed to lift at least twice, making the reward of winning in Melbourne all the more appealing.

The Mallorcan also vows to prepare the tournament as he said,

“I am gonna try to prepare myself as good as I can.”

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