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Rafael Nadal: I will try to nudge myself in the Djokovic-Murray era

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Rafael Nadal: I will try to nudge myself in the Djokovic-Murray era
Former World No.1 Rafael Nadal failed to complete a dream comeback at the VTR Open after falling at the last hurdle. But the southpaw from Spain is looking to reignite the Federer-Nadal rivalry yet again.

11 times Grand Slam Champion Rafael Nadal staged a remarkable come back to professional tennis after reaching the finals of the singles and doubles of the VTR Open. Nadal is definitely on the road to recovery and still believes that his rivalry with Roger Federer will be as intense as it was before Nadal got injured.

Nadal surprised everyone by stating that was unable to follow the Australian Open finals between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray due to satellite problems but applauded the Serb’s efforts in Melbourne, “Our satellite TV channels have changed in January so that’s why. Djokovic has proven once again that he’s a great competitor. Secondly, that he’s a superb tennis player. And thirdly, that he is a player who doesn’t get injured. That’s lucky. He can do what he wants and it all works well for him. Give me two years without an injury and….”

With the Djokovic – Murray rivalry coming out on top, Nadal did not play down the probability of the Nadal – Federer rivalry overshadowing the former in times to come, “That's correct at the moment, isn’t it? These are two superb players who have played the last two Grand Slam finals. It would imply and end to the Federer-Nadal rivalry one but who knows. I’m only one year older than Djokovic and Murray so perhaps now is not the time to bury me. Eight months ago, I was in an excellent position to become world number one again.

He ended by commenting, “Let’s not forget too quickly. Now, I will try to nudge myself in that Djokovic-Murray era.”

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