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Qatar Open 2013: Victoria Azarenka vs. Serena Williams Final Preview

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Qatar Open 2013: Victoria Azarenka vs. Serena Williams Final Preview
It is a dream final in the desert of Middle East on Sunday as the outgoing world no.1 Victoria Azarenka takes on the incoming no.1 Serena Williams in a clash that will decide in which direction the wind will be blowing in women's tennis in 2013. The top two players - one being the double Australian open champion and the other, the reigning Wimbledon and the US Open winner have fought 12 battles in the past. Their 13th meeting though is crucial for the ladies' tour because it is the best time possible for the Melbourne Park victor to start-off a triumphant run against her great American rival.

Both females come into the contest on the back of superlative performances against their semifinal opponents. While the Florida resident annihilated the Russian diva Maria Sharapova for the 10th time in a row in straight sets on Saturday, the Belarussian put on a clinical show against the 4th seed Agnieszka Radwanska to earn herself a 13th successive triumph of the season.

The two competitors have followed a disimilar path to the closing stage of the tournament – The Monte Carlo resident has been unstoppable against each of her challengers throughout the week and has been hitting her trade-mark two-hander down the line and cross-court with remarkable accuracy and velocity. On the other hand, the 15 times Major victor had her share of struggles on serve during the initial phase of the event, although versus the French Open holder she seemed to be back in the groove.

The daylight of the duel is offered by Azarenka’s 1-11 losing record against the 31 year old who on Monday will become the oldest women to reach the pinnacle of the sport. Still, the crackers will burn loudly in this play-off as Vika is on a positive upswing and that should give her enough confidence that the time has finally arrived for her to crack that Serena code.

Williams certainly isn’t taking her foe lightly as she knows deep down in her heart that the defending Qatar champion could turn out to be a serious threat to her Grand Slam aspirations. With Azarenka lurking in her face Serena said: "I feel like every time you have to go in with a new spirit - it's a new day. The slate is wiped clean to me."

On being asked about what she has to do to avert her losing streak versus Williams the Minsk native replied: "I just have to be consistent and really focused on my own game," she said. "We all know she has a great serve. She's really aggressive and really consistent. So for me it's important to just focus on myself and execute my game. That's it."

The 23 year old claimed that she wasn’t disappointed on losing her perch atop the rankings: "It's so out of my hands. I have been playing really well, I have been really consistent, I haven't lost a match yet, so why should I be frustrated? For me, it's always important to just win matches, win big tournaments like here, as well. If I'm No. 2 after winning a tournament or whatever, that's what happens."

Pick: Azarenka in three!

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Posted By jomoaregba,   Posted about 1950 days and 5 hours ago

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pls what time is the match

Posted By hoergren,   Posted about 1950 days and 7 hours ago

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Serena returning to the #1 spot is fine with me but it's a paradox and a bit ununderstandable that that there is no gain in points if you win the same tournaments the year after - like Vika and AO. If you have been playing badly or not attending a tournament like Serena here in Doha you get the full advantage of all the points because you didn't play and you haven't played 16 tournaments - how come Vika and all others are not getting 25% bonus. The paradox here is that Vika has been playing flawlessly but are losing the top spot because of this. SO WTA make a rule about bonus points if you win the same tournament the year after - well IMHO.

Posted By witt9955,   Posted about 1950 days and 8 hours ago

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Wow! You might be correct this time. Azarenka will win.



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