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Petkovic Planning on retiring in 2016

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Petkovic Planning on retiring in 2016
Immensely talented German Andrea Petkovic has said that she plans to retire from the tennis world after the Olympics in Rio in 2016. The 25 year old has had an injury plagued 2012.

Former top 10 star Andrea Petkovic has blogged that she is planning on retiring in 2016 after the Olympics in Rio. The injury plagued super star is playing a WTA challenger event at the moment as she attempts to get some match practise before she returns to the tour next year.

Blogging on the WTA Site, Petkovic wrote, “I don't see myself playing longer than 2016, because I think after that I would be a psycho… To elaborate on 2016, that year was always on my mind. I always wanted to play the Olympics in Rio. I always told myself I'd stop after 2016. With injuries my goals have shifted a bit, and now I have to rearrange myself... When that time comes, if I still feel there's a lot in me, I'll keep playing. But if not, I'll do something else. There are hundreds of other things I want to do... we'll see.”

The German is ranked at 140 in the World at the moment and continues to improve with every passing game on court.

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Posted By Blazej,   Posted about 1986 days and 3 hours ago

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Yeah why do players always set goals like this for themselves? She only has to look at Hingis, Clijsters and Henin to see she's daft.

Posted By Micadavenport,   Posted about 1986 days and 8 hours ago

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Let's see what her injuries do, and she will regret saying this.



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