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Novak Djokovic makes it 100 weeks as World No.1

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Novak Djokovic makes it 100 weeks as World No.1
Reigning Aussie Open champion Novak Djokovic maybe playing his tennis in an era that is dominated by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, but through sheer determination and great will power he has managed to find a space in tennis's greats. To add to his six Grand Slam titles, Novak has now joined the elite club of players who have stayed World No.1 for 100 weeks or more.

Six-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic has made it 100 weeks at the top of the ATP rankings today. The Serbian, who has been the most dominant force in tennis for the last three years, joins an elite club that has only 8 other members.

Djokovic is ninth on the list which is headed by Roger Federer(302) followed by Pete Sampras(286), Ivan Lendl(270), Jimmy Connors(268), John McEnroe(170), Bjorn Borg(109), Rafael Nadal(102), Andre Agassi(101), who rank one after the other on it.

Though always talented, Djokovic had struggled the year prior to his so called ‘coming of age’ in 2011. The now 26 year-old had endured a tumultuous year in 2010, after which a dramatic change in diet and solid work on his forehand, helped him reach levels that are yet to be overtaken by any of his adversaries.

Ironically enough, he had already won a Grand Slam title in 2008, prior to his ‘coming of age’. The Serb clinched the 2008 Aussie Open by defeating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga that year.

The Serbian was delighted at this achievement, and fondly remembers his years of hard work that have paid rich dividends.

"I was taught to dream big and to dream to be No. 1 in the world," says Djokovic. "It takes years of hard work and dedication. It is a long process to become a champion. Tennis is a very specific and unique sport, where you take all the credit or all the blame."

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