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Novak Djokovic: Dimitrov showed his mental strength against me

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Novak Djokovic: Dimitrov showed his mental strength against me
World No.1 Novak Djokovic suffered an unceremonious exit at the hands of Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov but the Serb said that he has put behind that loss and is looking forward to the Rome Masters.

Two time Internazionali BNL d’Italia Champion Novak Djokovic made a shocking exit at the Mutua Madrid Open last week when the World No.1 was outplayed upcoming Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. But Djokovic is positive about a good outing in Rome.

“It was a strange week for me in Madrid. I look at it as a valuable experience,” Djokovic commented. “Every defeat is equally as important as a victory, so I try to analyse the things I went through. I came here Wednesday, so I've been here almost a week working hard on my game and fitness in order to prepare well for Rome. I hadn't had a lot of practice before Madrid, so I'm trying to make up for lost time here. I think I'm ready and will be able to perform with my best tennis.”

The Serb also expressed his happiness over the progress being made by the young generation of players, saying their performances will only benefit the sport. “Dimitrov showed his mental strength against me. He managed to play three hours at a high level. It's good for tennis to see the generation coming up,” said Djokovic. There are some young players like Dimitrov, Milos Raonic and Bernard Tomic who are really talented. They have great potential to become top players. They have shown that previously on several occasions when they won against the top players.”

He further added, “If they will be able to make a breakthrough into the Top 10 is the question mark. The competition is very strong. You cannot play well for one or two tournaments and then not play well for two months. You have to be consistent.”

Seeded No.1 at this ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Event, Djokovic considers this tournament one of his favorite ones. “I enjoy Italy very much. I love this country and the culture. It's close to Serbia,” commented Djokovic. “The mentality is quite similar. I have a feeling that we get along really well. I've had lots of support in the past and it's always felt like home.”

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