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No play on Middle Sunday at Wimbledon

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No play on Middle Sunday at Wimbledon
The world's most prestigious tennis tournament, Wimbledon will see no play on a middle Sunday as per the tradition.

In the open era of tennis, when a flurry of new methods have been sprouting on a regular basis to rationalise the proceedings in one way or another, Wimbledon has retained its tradition and aura in a sophisticated comportment and that's what makes it the most prestigious and revered Major among all.

There will be no play on middle sunday during the magnificient fortnight at Wimbledon, the officials confirmed at the All England lawn tennis Club. 

Time and again, many tennis pundits have suggested changes, but Wimbledon only embraces something that does not bring even a bit of damage to its quality. Only three times in the history of Wimbledon in 1991, 1997 and 2004, Sunday was used as a playing day because of the rain. 

Additionally, there has been only one instance in the 125 year history of the championships that a final was played on third Monday. Ten years ago, the 2001 Men's singles final between Goran Ivanisevic and Patrick Rafter was played on the third Sunday due to bad weather that literally washed out the second week's play.

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Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Men Singles  SF
Roger Federer (SUI) Winner 2 7 6
Novak Djokovic (SRB) 0 5 2
Federer - Djokovic    7 - 5    6 - 2   
Served By: R Federer Won By: Federer
Game IN, Winner: Federer!!! Federer hits a flat serve at T, Djokovic struggles to put it back.
40-30   IN, Winner: Federer!!! Huge serve guided at T, Djokovic crafts a backhand return, good rally, Djokovic backhand fails to clear the net.
30-30   IN, Winner: Federer!!! Federer aims a fine serve at T, Djokovic only manages to touch it.
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