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Melanie Oudin wins Aegon Classic Title

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Melanie Oudin wins Aegon Classic Title
American Melanie Oudin swept aside Jelena Jankovic to win the Aegon Classic title.

Many people would have considered Jelena Jankovic to emerge victorious at the Aegon Classic, but the Melanie Oudin had other ideas. The young American girl beat the former World No.1 in straight sets 6-4, 6-2 in 1 hour 35 minutes to claim her maiden WTA Tour Title.

Oudin broke the Jankovic serve 5 times to win her first title in her first WTA final. The championship match was pushed to Monday because of the rain delay. Oudin and Jankovic posted three-set semifinal victories on Sunday. Jankovic also won her quarterfinal match the very same day and so did Oudin, who wrapped up her unfinished quarterfinal.

Both the players struggled on serve early in the match and traded early breaks in the first set before Oudin went up 4-3 with a break and fought off a break point to get to 5-3. Oudin was up 2-0 in the second set but Jankovic came back and evened the set only to have Oudin take over and win the final four games.

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in any sports competitions never underestimate your rivals,no matter how experienced you are



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