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Maria Sharapova satisfied with her 2012 season

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Maria Sharapova satisfied with her 2012 season
World No.2 and reigning French Open Champion Maria Sharapova expressed her contentment over her performances this season and is aiming for more Grand Slam success.

Former World No.1 and present No.2 Maria Sharapova of Russian completed her career Grand Slam by lifting the French Open this year. But her Grand Slam success is something that has not reduced her inner fire to win more majors.

It’s her head-to-head record against her main rivals Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams that needs some attention. Sharapova has not defeated Williams in their last 9 meetings that go back to 2004 and lost 4 out of the 6 times she has faced the Belarusian.

Both Sharapova and Azarenka have some years in them to attain more Grand Slam glory and the Russian is ready for the challenge, “We both have many years ahead of us. I'm sure we will be facing against each other many more times in Grand Slams and other tournaments,” stated Sharapova. “She has the better record right now against me. Hopefully when I'm done I can change that around.”

When asked about how it felt returning to the tour and also reclaiming the World No.1 spot, Sharapova answered, “Oh, it's incredible. I mean, I try to get a sense of that perspective as much as possible because you can lose it so fast,” she said.

“The grinding, the days, and the work that you put in and then the tournaments, everything kind of just happens. It's a groove. It's easy to forget where you came from and what you had to go through to get to that point. But when I do think about it, I'm so lucky that I get to play this sport, that I love playing it still, and that I feel like I have a lot in me.”

She continued, “There is no better feeling than coming back from what I had to go through and not knowing if I was able to hit a serve again and to be in that position of being in the finals and being the world No.1, I'm very happy.”

Though Sharapova tasted defeat at some major tournaments in 2012, she ended 2012 and at her career best year ending ranking of No.2, “I'm proud of my consistency, I'm proud that I'm moving in the right direction in terms of improving my game and where I see it,” she said.

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