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Maria Sharapova: 3 Things You Must Know About the Diva's Personal Life

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Maria Sharapova: 3 Things You Must Know About the Diva's Personal Life
World no.3 Maria Sharapova is one of the best players in the world and her prowess on a rectangular arena is second to none. She is only among a handful of women who have won the career Grand Slam in tennis and among the current generation shares that record with the reigning Wimbledon and US Open champion Serena Williams. However, it is her stunning looks that have made her the most marketable female athlete on the planet and an eye-candy for the celebrity-mad paparazzi media.

The four times Major winner Sharapova's personal life has been in the spotlight as she is all over the covers of the fashion magazines, in addition to being a brand ambassador of so many iconic brands, and the most recognizable girl in the sports industry. Therefore, we thought it's time to unravel all the mysteries behind Masha's private life.

1. Maria isn't single; after all she is in love with Tennis: The Florida resident has claimed last year after winning the French Open that she was completely in love with tennis. The Russian said: “I love competing. There's nothing in the world that gives you that adrenaline feel of just being in the moment of a match. There's nothing that I've done in my life that's given me that experience. It takes a lot to get to that moment, whether it's pressure or nerves or excitement -- it's like a combination of all those things.”

The Roland Garros champ added: “But that feeling, and getting through it, and winning, and beating your opponent, as an athlete, it's different than other careers. It's a very different feeling. You know, it's not like you're a great actress, where you can be so good but no one goes and watches your movie. Or you can be the greatest model in the world, but if someone doesn't put you on the cover of a magazine, you're never going to be famous. This sport, it's all in your own hands, and that's what I love about it -- that I control my own wins and losses.”

The icon also held that this savoire-faire wasn’t attained without hard-work, rather years of perseverance, patience and skill were behind her success. Beating an adversary was the best feeling ever in the world and an athlete can surely sense nerves or pressure during such moments. She accepted that the pain to reach that excitement was justified because there was nothing better than outsmarting her opponent.

2. Sharapova wasn't pregnant: The darling of the cameras survived a pregnancy scare right after the Olympics as she revealed that she started to feel severe pain in her stomach during the Gold medal play-off against Serena Williams and when that ache continued to haunt her for a couple of more days, she went in for a check-up as she believed that she was expecting a baby.

The Superstar stated: "I had some tests done, some blood-work, some ultrasound stuff. They said I should just probably rest. I just went home and took Cincinnati off as well. I think it was just a sign that I needed a few weeks off.  It was really weird. They told me I was fine, not pregnant. I'm like, Can I get my money back?"

The 25 year old was engaged to NBA star Sasha Vujacic at that point of time and there were rumors in the tabloids that the couple will walk down the aisle at the end of 2012. However, that wasn’t to be as just a few days later Sharapova publicized that she and past Nets player were no longer an item as they have broken-up a while back.

3. A-Rod was Maria's first serious boyfriend: Former world no.1 Andy Roddick was the first serious boyfriend the leggy lady had when the sport's golden couple dated for nearly two years from 2005-2006. The Us Weekly had reported at that point of time citing a friend of the American that the couple were "beside each other all night” and had kept their liaison a secret because "she was too young." While the 2003 US Open conqueror was just 23, the girl who lifted the Venus Rosewater Dish in 2004 was a teenager then and was too immature to handle the questions related to their burgeoning romance.

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