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LIVE Sabine Lisicki vs Serena Williams Stanford CA 2011 SF

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Lisicki : 1, 2   Serena:6, 5
Lisicki : 1, 1   Serena:6, 5

Lisicki hangs-in! Well, the first hold from the German in the second-set and she looks quite relieved here. The German needs to continue in that manner to pose some problems for imposing Serena, who has been dictating terms here. Its 1-4, second-set. 

Lisicki : 1, 1   Serena:6, 4
Lisicki : 1, 0   Serena:6, 4

Lisicki is looking in complete disarray here. The German commits fourth double-fault and gifts away another game to Serena, who now leads with a 3-0 in the second set and lookss in complete control. Time is running out quickly for  Lisicki here, who is struggling to find her feet in the match. Serena is on a roll here. 

Lisicki : 1, 0   Serena:6, 3
Lisicki : 1, 0   Serena:6, 2

That's fourth straight game for Serena, who is chasing her maiden title here in Stanford. Woes continue for  Lisicki.

Set - 2
Lisicki : 1, 0   Serena:6, 1

Just after 25 minutes of play,  Serena clinched the first set.  Lisicki managed to win only a single game in the first set. Serena converted 2 out of 4 break points and did not give away a single break point to German.  Serena earned 90% points on her first serve and kept the pressure on after getting the first break in the first set.  Lisicki needs to come up with something special now in the second-set. 

Lisicki : 1   Serena:6
Lisicki : 1   Serena:5

Lisicki tries hard, as she smacks a forehand with full power, but it finds the net.  Serena is getting benefitted from  Lisicki's unforced errors. Its 4-1, first set. Serena is two games away from going one set up in the match. 

Lisicki : 1   Serena:4
Lisicki : 1   Serena:3

It seems that Serena starts off from where she left in the last match against Sharapova. Another easy hold for the former World No. 1 and she races to a 3-0 lead in the first set.  Lisicki under pressure from the very beginning of the match. The German needs to stay positive and resilient here to create opportunities for her. 

Lisicki : 0   Serena:3

Lisicki gifts away the break to Serena by committing two double-faults here. Its 2-0, first set. 

Lisicki : 0   Serena:2

Serena makes a fine start to the match by holding on to an easy service game here. Its 1-0, first set. 

Set - 1
Lisicki : 0   Serena:1
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