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LIVE Roger Federer vs Juanmartin Delpotro Rotterdam 2012 Final

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Federer crafted his way around Del Potro like a magician. The Swiss Legend breezed through the first set and then followed it with a cleverly worked second set as he moved Del Potro to extremes of the court. He fished out a break of serve and never looked back as he held each and every service game. He got 49% first serves in and then clobbered 5 aces to win 6-1, 6-4

Federer : 6, 6   Delpotro:1, 4

Tremendous hold from Del Potro on this occasion, as he saves two match points and forces Federer to serve him out of this contest. The Argentine brings in his quick and probing serve at the right time to do the job for him. Its 4-5, second-set. Can Del Potro stop Federer now!

Federer : 6, 5   Delpotro:1, 4

Two break-point opportunities go begging for Del Potro on this occasion. The Argentine tries to come hard at Federer, but once again commits ill-timed unforced errors. The Swiss holds on to his serve this time and finishes on the title win. Now, Del Potro will serve to stay alive in this duel!

Federer : 6, 5   Delpotro:1, 3

A defiant hold from Del Potro on this occasion and he keeps the damage limited to a single break of serve. Federer tries to put pressure on the lanky Argentine by smacking a quick cross-court backhand winner, but Del Potro comes up with an equally good forehand and extracts an error from the Swiss to hold on to his serve. Its 4-3, second-set. 

Federer : 6, 4   Delpotro:1, 3

Federer stands firm against Del Potro's onslaught and saves two break-points to take his lead to 4-2 in the second-set. Federer comes up with his probing serve at the right time to hold on to this crucial service game this time. Time is running out quickly for Del Potro here and he needs to come up with something special now. 

Federer : 6, 4   Delpotro:1, 2

Federer breaks! And, the Swiss gets the breakthrough in the second-set. Del Potro commits two quick errors and finds himself in a spot of bother. Federer pounces upon the opportunity and seals the deal with his trademark forehand cross-court winner. Its 3-2, second-set. Federer is three games away from winning the title. 

Federer : 6, 3   Delpotro:1, 2

Federer does well to save a break-point on this occasion and keeps the proceedings even at 2-2 in the second-set. Del Potro tries to come hard at the Swiss ace but fails to do so, as he messes up with a volley and then Federer does the rest with the help of his powerful serve - down at the T. 

Federer : 6, 2   Delpotro:1, 2

No half measures from Del Potro on this occasion, as he smacks a big forehand winner down the line and then extracts an error from Federer to get a slender lead in the second-set. Its 2-1, second-set. Much better start to the second-set by Del Potro after losing the first set. 

Federer : 6, 1   Delpotro:1, 2

Federer takes the momentum of the first-set into second and holds on to his opening service game - of the second-set. The Swiss ace starts off from where he left in the second-set. Federer shows great presence of mind, as he executes a quick volley winner in a rally. Its 1-1, second-set. 

Federer : 6, 1   Delpotro:1, 1

Delpotro makes a fine start to the second-set after losing the first set on a tame note. The Argentine is looking in some good touch here as compared to the first set. Let's see if he can continue in that manner. Its 1-0, second-set. 

Set - 2
Federer : 6, 0   Delpotro:1, 1

After 33 minutes of play, the Swiss genius Roger Federer clinched the first set. Federer kept the momentum in control from the beginning of the first set and never allowed the lanky Argentine to settle down. Federer earned 79% points on his first serve and duly converted 2 out of 2 break-points, while Del Potro could not convert even a single break-point - out of two. Can Del Potro make a comeback in this match by winning the second-set? Stay tuned to find out!

Federer : 6   Delpotro:1

It wouldn't be a bagel here! Del Potro finally manages to get on board in the first-set and forces Federer to serve him out of the first set. Couple of uncharacteristic unforced errors from the Swiss ace and he allows Federer to hold on. Its 1-5, first set. 

Federer : 5   Delpotro:1

A love-service hold for Federer as he literally toying with the lanky Argentine and takes his lead to 5-0 in the first set. Now Del Potro will serve to avoid a bagel here. Tremendous serving - and Federer duly compliments it with his exquisite forehand winners. Del Potro is yet to get in a some sort of rhythm here. 

Federer : 5   Delpotro:0

Double-break for Federer and the Swiss ace is looking in complete control here. Federer outsmarts the lanky Del Potro with an exquisite drop-shot and then extracts two more errors. Finally, Federer seals the deal with his trademark cross-court forehand winner. Its 4-0, first set. The Swiss ace is two games away from going one set up in the match. 

Federer : 4   Delpotro:0

Federer commits the first double-fault of the match, but then quickly makes up for that by firing a big kick serve and takes his lead to 3-0. Federer wastes little time to consolidate his position in the first set. Del Potro needs to come up with something good now to even out the balance of power here. 

Federer : 3   Delpotro:0

Federer draws the first blood of the match! Too early too good for the Swiss genius as he outruns lanky Del Potro with two quick volleys and gets a breakthrough. Its 2-0, first set. Federer off to a great start here. Del Potro needs to stay highly positive against Federer, if he wants to win this battle. 

Federer : 2   Delpotro:0

Not a convincing start for the top-seeded Roger Federer here, but the Swiss genius will take it. Fine serving under pressure from Federer, as he comes up with couple of good serves and precision-oriented volleys to avoid a couple of break-points and gets on board. Its 1-0, first set. What a start to this duel - a lot in the offing! Stay tuned!

Set - 1
Federer : 1   Delpotro:0
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