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LIVE David Ferrer vs Andy Murray Miami FL 2013 Final

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Ferrer - Murray    6 - 2    4 - 6    6 - 7    Super-Scot Andy Murray emerged as the last man standing in this intriguing, nerve-wrecking and energy sapping encounter. Commiseration for David Ferrer, who fought so well till the end, but just could not get his act together in the tie-breaker. Murray did really well by saving a match-point in the second-set and blew away the Spaniard in the tie-breaker. Ferrer did stand up to task as he pushed the Scot to a great extent but once again fell short against a Top 4 player. With this victory, the Super-Scot earned his second Miami Masters and ninth ATP World Tour title in total. Tremendous performance from Murray and now he will be ranked World No. 2 - on coming Monday.  6 - 6    Murray holds on to serve as he saves a match point! The Scot somehow found the will to stay in it with the entire stadium rooting for the Spaniard here. He has now pushed the match into a tantalizing tie-break, with neither player holding the edge.
6 - 5    Ferrer holds on to serve there! Fantastic play from the humble hustler as he continues work tirelessly. It might be hot on court, and he might be 31 years of age, but the Spaniard is making the Scot look like the older player here. The Scot will now be under the gun as he serves to stay in it. 5 - 5    Ferrer Breaks! The Spaniard breaks back, after looking in a heap of trouble in the previous game when Murray broke. Now, on the other hand the game has turned on its head with Ferrer having the opportunity to go to 6 first. 
4 - 5    Murray breaks! The Scot has the break of serve, as he goes into the tenth game of this second set looking to close it out as he serves for the championship. Can he hold on to his nerve? 4 - 4    Murray holds on to serve himself there, that was some good aggressive play from the Scot. The break between the games seems to have given him the refreshment that he needed. Murray will have all the momentum now.
4 - 3    Ferrer holds on! The Spaniard gets the first service hold of this deciding set to take a 4-3 lead in this set. This is the first time he is ahead in this set, and now the onus is on the 31 year-old to convert this momentum into a famous win here in Miami. 3 - 3    Murray is stuttering here, isn't he? Fatigue is definitely creeping into the Scot's game, and hopefully if the Spaniard can sustain this momentum he will indeed take this set and with it the title. He must close the door on the Scot, now that he is on top.
2 - 3    Murray Breaks! That is the fifth consecutive service service break here, that lands the Spaniard in quite a bit of trouble here. The 31 year-old gifted 3 points away early to the Scot, and then the World No.3 produced a spectacular backhand cross-court winner to close that game out. 2 - 2    Ferrer Breaks! The Spaniard get that break of serve, and has once again gotten back on level terms in the match altogether. The Spaniard has a big opportunity to go ahead in this deciding set for the first time here, as Murray starts to tire.
1 - 2    A couple of tired looking unforced errors from Ferrer in that one as we now get three back to back breaks of serve. Still very difficult to predict a winner here, as Ferrer will continue to persevere. 1 - 1    Ferrer Breaks! The Spaniard comes right back into this one to level matters. It was particularly careless and slack game on the serve from the former champion and he has handed the initiative back to the Spaniard, who has the advantage of serving ahead too. 
0 - 1    Ferrer looked quite slack in that service game again, as he hands over another break of serve. The Spaniard's body language is all negative now, while the Scot has all the momentum. Can the World No.3 now consolidate and make it 2-0?
Ferrer - Murray    6 - 2    4 - 6    The second set started at even terms as Ferrer held on to serve in the first game, but soon Murray found his rhythm. The former champion then got the first break of the second set to go into a 3-1 lead quite quickly. In the sixth game of the set, Murray was under the gun as Ferrer had a couple of break point opportunities to bring the set back on level terms, but the Spaniard couldn’t take them. Following it, Murray had all the momentum and earned two break point opportunities before Ferrer fought right back, following that service hold with a break of serve to get back on level terms at 4-4. Just when it seemed that Ferrer, with all the momentum would go on and seize the day the Spaniard faltered which allowed the 25 year-old to take the set and get back into the match.  4 - 5    Poor game from Ferrer on serve in that one there. The Spaniard had the opportunity to put the Scot under the gun, but failed to take any initiative, as he handed the break back to the 2009 champion. He committed one too many unforced errors in that game to allow the Scot to run away with the game.
4 - 4    Ferrer Breaks!  How quickly things can change! The 2009 champion is stuttering here, he had two break points in that previous game has given that service break back. The Spaniard now has the chance to go a game up and pile the pressure back on the Scot. 3 - 4    In the game of the match so far, Murray had a couple of break points to go two breaks up, but in the end failed to cash in to those opportunities to as Ferrer played a brilliant hustling game get back to 3-4, just a game down.
2 - 4    The Scot does fantastically well in that game to come back from a 15-40 position to hold on to his break of serve. Ferrer will look back and rue these chances, but there really wasn't much he could as Murray served really accurately to save these break points. 2 - 3    Ferrer holds on to serve in that one despite serving a double fault. The Spaniard looked in a spot of bother at times in that game as he serve a couple of tame which just happen to go to the net from the Scot. He's still a break down though, as Murray prepares to serve at 3-2.
1 - 3    Murray holds on to love for the first time today. The Scot has consolidated that break of serve, and is looking good here. The pressure is back on Ferrer once more, as the Scot starts to turn the screw now.  1 - 2    Murray Breaks! So, Andy has the service break in this second set to take a 2-1 lead here. The Scot was helped by a double fault from the Spaniard, who looked a bit nervous in the match for the first time. It's 2-1 to the Scot now.
1 - 1    Murray holds on to serve, getting back on level terms. That is the first time he has gotten there in this match altogether. The Scot is finally striking the ball as well as we are used to seeing him do, it's becoming more interesting, this one. 1 - 0    Ferrer holds on to serve, despite seeing break point again. The Scot needs to start converting these chances to get back into this match now. Ferrer on the other hand continues to look confident. 
Ferrer - Murray    6 - 2    In an action packed first set Ferrer, who was served first faced two break points in the very first game came back extremely well to take that game and then follow it up with a break of serve. Visibly shocked, Murray tried hard in the third game to come back, but Ferrer served accurately to consolidate that break of serve. Just when it seemed that the Scot will make a comeback into this one, Ferrer fought back from being down 40-0 to get another break of serve. With two breaks of serve, Ferrer went into a 5-0 lead, and from there despite a brief fight back from Andy, the Spaniard took the set 6-2. 5 - 2    Murray Breaks! Just a bit of a nervous game from the Spaniard, that allows the 2009 champion to get a break back. Andy looks a lot more confident at the moment, this might just be the opening he needed. 
5 - 1    Murray holds on to serve to finally get on the board. He still looks a bit rattled and bothered as the Spaniard's intensity continues to be as high as it has looked all match long. Fantastic play from the Spaniard still. Ferrer to serve now for the set. 5 - 0    So, who would have predicted this? The Spaniard now has a 5-0 lead at the second turnover. Sensational tennis from the World No.3 as the Scot  continues to struggle. He will now serve to stay in this set.
4 - 0    Ferrer Breaks! The Spaniard comes back from a 40-0 deficit in that game, and went on to take the game and did so with comfort in the end. Murray hasn't really started to play here, he is looking second best by a distance at the moment. The 31 year-old has a 4-0 lead now. 3 - 0    Ferrer serves well in that one to hold on to serve, going on to take the 3-0 lead. The Spaniard has now consolidated the break of serve, and has really hit the ground running. His forehand is especially looking good at the moment. Murray's shots are landing too short at the moment.
2 - 0    Ferrer Breaks! After getting into a 30-30 position, Ferrer attacked the Murray serve even further, pushing the Scot further behind the baseline. The 31 year-old dominated rallies from the back of the court, and put the former champion under pressure as he went to break point. Under pressure, Murray gave in and committed an unforced error on his backhand, to give the Spaniard the early break of serve. 1 - 0    Ferrer survives that game by saving two break points there. The Spaniard looked in a spot of bother at 15-40, but then came back taking the 5 points on the trot, and with it holding on to serve. Good play from the World No.5.
Hello and welcome to the live match commentary of the 2012 Sony Open, Men's final - featuring second-seeded Andy Murray of Great Britain and third-seeded David Ferrer of Spain.  Players arrive on the court and start warming up before the match. 
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In head-to-head, Murray has a slender lead with 6-5 against the Spaniard including 5-1 on hard courts. Ferrer managed to earn his lone victory on hard-court in the 2011 ATP World Tour finals in London. Well, the Spaniard once again needs to play out of his skin to beat the in-form Super-Scot.
The resilient Spaniard David Ferrer, who turns 31 on Tuesday, will be aiming to win his second ATP World Tour Masters title. He claimed his maiden ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title last November in Paris, when he beat Janowicz in the final and improved to 1-3 in ATP Masters 1000 finals. Yes, he achieved that feat in the absence of Nadal. One of the most fittest and nimble contenders on tour, Ferrer has been playing his 11th straight Miami tournament and has a good 25-10 win-loss record here. He reached the semis here in 2005, when he lost to his compatriot Rafael Nadal and next year he was humbled by Roger Federer at the same-stage. The Spaniard has a poor 18-52 career results against Top 5 opponents in the world.
The Super-Scot can also reclaim No. 2 ATP Rankings after winning this tournament. 2009 Miami Open winner and last year’s runner-up Murray is appearing in his 40th ATP World Tour final and has an impressive 25-14 win-loss record. He is playing in his 12 ATP World Tour Masters final and has a good 8-3 win-loss record. He also has a very good 36-39 win-loss record against Top 5 players in the world.
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