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Kooyong Australia: Rampant Raonic brushes Listless Dodig aside

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Kooyong Australia: Rampant Raonic brushes Listless Dodig aside
In what was perhaps a bit of any anti climax in the semifinal, as an unenergetic display from Ivan Dodig aided a Milos Raonic win that needed just over an hour. The Canadian won the match in straight sets 6-4,6-4.

Canadian tennis sensation – Milos Raonic put in an impressive performance as the lanky right-hander brushed aside a listless Ivan Dodig today. The 22 year-old needed just over an hour to register a 6-4,6-4 win.

Raonic started with a bang and that is what finally mattered as the Canadian managed to hold serve on all fronts to take the first set. It is generally smooth sailing for the lanky right-hander on serve, but not today, as he had to save a massive 5 break points in that set. In the fourth game especially, Dodig had a 0-40 advantage, but just couldn’t take the final set as Raonic rose from the ashes. All in all, it was an intriguing first set, which has set us up beautifully for a second set.

The second set started on even terms with both the players holding on to serve, but it took a more familiar turn much sooner than expected as the Canadian got the early break once more, this time in the second game. It was all about holding serve from there for Raonic and he did so comfortably.

It was a particularly listless display from Dodig, and the match never really had any bite to keep the spectators on their toes. Both the players now move onto Melbourne Park for the Aussie Open.

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