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Juan Martin Del Potro gets a Mural in Tandil

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Juan Martin Del Potro gets a Mural in Tandil
Olympic Bronze Medallist Juan Martin del Potro has got his own Mural now in his home town of Tandil. Nicknamed The Tower Of Tandil, Del Potro was the only Argentine to win a medal at the London Olympics last year.

Juan Martin del Potro has been honoured yet once more in his home country and this time it comes in the form of a mural. Nicknamed ‘The tower of Tandil’ Del Potro will now stand tall forever in his hometown. It is an honour that the Argentine deserves thoroughly.

The right-hander’s mural has been placed on Avellaneda Street, just in front of club Independiente, the club where he started first playing tennis. Just below it, the inscription ‘2012 Olympic Games, Bronze Medal’ can be read at both sides of the image, which portrays Del Potro smashing his famous double-handed backhand.

At the unveiling of the mural, Del Potro received a warm ovation. Among those in attendance included Mayor Miguel Lunghi and Marcelo Gomez, head of the tennis academy at Independiente.

“Oh, this will be difficult,” joked Del Potro during his speech. “For me it's a great pride to travel around the world playing tennis and saying I not only come from Argentina, but also from Tandil. To be called 'The Tower of Tandil' is the nicest thing," said the 2009 US Open champion.

“Hopefully one of these kids that are here today may be there along with me in the mural or some other place in town,” Del Potro said after unveiling the mural painted by artist Norma Villabona and her team. “We also have to congratulate the rest of the players from Tandil who do things very well to make the city very proud," said del Potro, who later dug his hands into a cement board. That board will be shown along with the mural.”

Lunghi added, “Close your eyes and imagine a kid who was accompanied to the club by his parents every day to work tirelessly trying to fulfill his dreams. Juan Martin worked hard to get to that place and he is an example that tells us that if you try hard, you can succeed. That should be an example to our youth.”


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Must be nice to have your own mural!



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