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John McEnroe: Nadal should be seeded higher at the French Open

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John McEnroe: Nadal should be seeded higher at the French Open
Tennis Hall of Famer John McEnroe is against Nadal being seeded outside the Top-4 at the French Open, says he should be seeded higher to make it fair not only for him but his competitors too.

Rafael Nadal is presently ranked at No.5 in the World and gunning to reclaim the No.4 spot before the French Open. With Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and David Ferrer ahead of him in the rankings, Nadal has a chance of meeting any of the above four in the quarters of Roland Garros, something legendary tennis star John McEnroe is seriously against.

While speaking to, McEnroe stated, “Let me put it to you this way: I guarantee you that none of those four guys, as great as they are, want to see him in the quarters. Quite honestly, I would seed him number one. I’d seed him number one, actually, because I think he deserves that. I think the other players deserve it.”

“Certainly, you can’t even possibly question if he should be seeded ahead of David Ferrer, as much as I respect him, or for that matter even Murray on clay. Djokovic is the only one, given his accomplishments on clay, that you could possibly make an argument deserves to be seeded ahead of Nadal...I don't know that they (the Roland Garros seeding committee) are willing to change the seedings at their event.”

With Ferrer’s recent opening round loss at the Barcelona Open, Nadal’s chances of regaining the No.4 have become stronger.

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Posted By tomaso,   Posted about 1820 days and 15 hours ago

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McEnroe definitely has a point here, but seedings must not only be fair but seen to be fair. We can't have exceptions every time there's an anomaly. Wait till Roger starts dropping, if he plays only every second tournament. No-one wants to meet him at QF, either! Perhaps an adjustment for surface, though?



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