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Grigor Dimitrov: Maria Sharapova's love has helped me improve

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Grigor Dimitrov: Maria Sharapova's love has helped me improve
Baby Fed Grigor Dimitrov has said that his love affair with Russian superstar Maria Sharapova has helped him in improving his game to a great extent.

Rising Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov has declared that his blossoming relationship with the four time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova has attributed a lot in his recent success on court. He said: "This year has been very successful; I managed to find the right direction to follow. Rivals now feel pressed to follow me closely and look up to me."

He added: "Each of us has problems to solve. I think I proved those people who said my relationship with her hurt my play were wrong. I think I proved that it is exactly the opposite."

In 2013 Dimitrov rose to No.22 in the world from No.48 at the end of last year, accomplished an upset win over Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic in Madrid and defeated the World No.3 David Ferrer to claim his maiden ATP title in Stockholm in October. 

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Posted By clare.leach,   Posted about 1617 days and 21 hours ago

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Yeah Grigor. Let us see what 2014 brings 4 you. Still not totally convinced by your in and out performances. Let us see if love will save the day again



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