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Gonzalez has plans to return to the ATP tour

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Gonzalez has plans to return to the ATP tour
Gonzalez has been a threat to the best of tennis in the past and stands as a threatening prospect for the top ten with his plans of coming back on the professional tour.


Experienced Chilean and former World No. 5 Fernando Gonzalez has been given medical clearance to come back to the professional tour, announcing on his Twitter account Monday, "Today I finish my 6 months post-op rehab. I was discharged and ready to go back to game."

Gonzalez is currently ranked at No. 395 2011 ATP Rankings, went through a surgery on his right hip on 4 October after coming to an abrupt halt within just two matches following Roland Garros. He will make his first tournament appearance since the retirement at the US Open as a wild card entry later this month at the Serbia Open 2011.

New coach Horacio Matta has been training the winner of 11 ATP Titles, Gonzalez for a few weeks in the United States.


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