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Girls Night Out: Serena with Kim Kardashian

By Chingkhei Phanjoubam    + Follow

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Girls Night Out: Serena with Kim Kardashian
Reality star Kim Kardashian went on a girls night out with tennis star and friend Serena Williams in a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles and later tweeted on brief details of the outing.

It was a rather unlikely pair for a night out in a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles, however, reality star Kim Kardashian could have the pleasure of company with tennis superstar Serena Williams.

The odd couple who are also friends were seen coming out from the glamourous Nobu restaurant after having their dinner together. The mom-to-be, who is dating musician Kanye West, later put up details of her date with Serena over her Twitter account.

It so happened that 31-year-old Williams had earlier tweeted that evening, “I simply cannot get out of bed” to which Kardashian responded with a witty remark, “U better! We have dinner tonight!” The 15-time Grand Slam champion also chipped in the ‘rally of remarks’ with “Getting dressed now!”

The pregnant star who reportedly charges $100,000 as appearance fees at nightclubs also posted the photos of her outing with the world No.2 on her Instagram.

The photo showed the two of them inside their car. Kardashian got humorous and joked on the photo which had her nose almost invisible due to the brightness of the flash light, “Fun girls night!!! But where's my nose @serenawilliams ??? Lol #tooflashy.”

Indeed a fun night for the girls, especially for Serena who hurt her right ankle and also experienced a semi-final loss at the recently concluded Australian Open. 

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Posted By phanjching,   Posted about 570 days and 16 hours ago

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Wht is wrong wid u? dont u have any decency.. n luk, mistakes occur even at the highest of all level..."To err is human-Francis Bacon" ..n u know quite well that "perverted talk u brought as a sarcasm has nothing to do with the fans of those celebrities" ... n Wht defamation u r talking about...dont twist the matter..instead learn some manners n positive criticism..

Posted By Micadavenport,   Posted about 570 days and 17 hours ago

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Touched a nevere? You are a writer for a website that a lot of people read. You can't afford to make errors, as for calling watchers of "The Kardashians" perverted, that is unwarranted and frankly offensive. If Kim, Khloe, Kourtney or even Serena saw that I'm sure they'd sue you for defamation. Get a grip, idiot.

Posted By phanjching,   Posted about 570 days and 19 hours ago

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Serena is one of the greatest players in the world, and though attaining a higher position in rankings is a part of every players dream. The purpose of the story is not to "rate her downâ?? by a small error in stating her rankings..SHE IS MORE THAN A WORLD NO.2 is not like that by saying Serena is world No.3( which i admit, was related to proof reading error) readers and fans will have a different perception of her...n yes, as far as their friendship is concerned, it is her personal life. The story is just a light reflection of two stars having a nice time together..lastly, as for your "The Kardashian" this is a media website and not some perverted male fantasy as you seem to hint out. n thanks for pointing out the error in Serena's rankings. " HMM"

Posted By Micadavenport,   Posted about 571 days and 5 hours ago

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World number 2..... and they have been friends for years. Do you not recall the time she withdrew from an event to go to the wedding? Do you even watch tennis? Or The Kardashian? Hm.



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