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Federer: I am happy to see Nadal back

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Federer: I am happy to see Nadal back
Seventeen-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer has said that he is happy to see rival Rafael Nadal come back to the world of tennis, but insists that he will not be observing the Spaniard's return too keenly considering his busy schedule.

World No.2 Roger Federer has welcomed the return of career-long rival Rafael Nadal to the world of tennis. The Swiss Maestro will however not spend too much time worrying about the King of Clay’s return, but on the other hand concentrate on his own game as he bids to retain his title at the Rotterdam World Tennis in Amsterdam.

The Swiss top seed, who is defending his trophy at the Ahoy stadium, put in a full day of public relations and photo op work before getting down to another serious training session on Monday.

The defending champion, who has not played since his semifinal exit at the Australian Open where he lost to Scot Andy Murray took a holiday with his wife and daughters after that first Grand Slam of the year. The Swiss appeared relaxed and spoke about his long-time rival.

"I saw a few pictures of Rafa, last week," said Federer, who joked: "I see he's still a left-hander - and his shirts looked good."

The Swiss expressed how pleased he was to see the 11-time Grand Slam winner back on court, and whipping his famous forehand.

"I'm happy to see him back and playing on the Tour," said the two-time Rotterdam champion, "That's a good thing. He seems to have good energy. I was surprised he lost a final against a player ranked outside the top 50. It's nice to see him playing well again. I'm sure he got a lot of information about his game last week (in Chile). He knows now how much strain he is putting on his body and how he is dealing with it."

The duo, who dominated men’s tennis for nearly a decade are playing different tournaments in the coming week. While Nadal plays the Brazil Open in Sao Paolo, Federer will be in Amsterdam playing the Rotterdam World Tennis.

Federer is the top seed here with Argentine Juan Martin del Potro and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga second and third respectively.

Roger also took out time to address all the criticism being levelled at him, regarding his withdrawal from the Davis Cup. Switzrland went out in the first round of the event, losing to defending champion Czech Republic.

"Davis Cup is always difficult and I don't take that decision easily, I don't feel good when I see the doubles team play (a record) seven hours and then lose. That was one of the worst things for me.

"But I can't have it all or win it all. I have to take the decisions that are right for my career. I try to communicate with the team but that always boomerangs back at you.

"I hope I can play more in the future, but it's been tough the last few years. I also have a family and you have to understand that as well."

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