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Eugenie Bouchard: I felt too much pressure

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Eugenie Bouchard: I felt too much pressure
Fans of Young Canadian star Eugenie Bouchard must be utterly disappointed on seeing their favourite star crash out from the Canadian Open on Tuesday in Montreal.

20-year-old Eugenie Bouchard acknowledged that she felt nervous while walking out  to play in front of thousands of her home supporters who had gathered inside the Uniprix Stadium to witness their favourite star to performance in her opening round match against Shelby Rogers. The pressure of playing in front of thousands of supporters made her extremely nervous, which resulted in her ouster from the tournament.

In the post match presentation, Eugenie accepted that she felt rusty as she had stayed away from competitive tennis since her loss to Petra Kvitova in the Wimbledon final.

"I think I felt too much the pressure on court today. I felt as if I was rusty. At the same time I really can't use those as arguments to justify my defeat. I knew that the situation would have been tough on court today, I was prepared for that. I am somehow happy with myself at the same time, as I fought to try and to something and didn't just let the match slip away from me without doing anything for things to change. This really has to be considered the only positive aspect of the match for me, just that second set".

The youngster also praised Rogers for her performance: "She was incredibly solid throughout the whole match. Always ready in the rallies. When I let my level lower in the third set, she was immediately ready to take advantage of the situation".

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Posted By kfoehr,   Posted about 1623 days and 5 hours ago

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That's a shame for her -- in her first Canadian match after becoming a star. But it's all part of the process of maturing as a player, I suppose -- developing a very high level of "mental toughness" to be able to play well through the nerves and the pressure. She will get there, and be #1 in the world, probably sometime next year.



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