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Djokovic to tie the knot with Jelena soon

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Djokovic to tie the knot with Jelena soon
One of the most sought after bachelors in world sports - Novak Djokovic will be breaking a few million hearts soon, as he says he has already started to think about tying the knot with long time girlfriend Jelena Ristic.

While Andy Murray maybe a bit scared of marrying his long-time girlfriend Kim Sears, close friend Novak Djokovic says that he is already thinking about tying the knot with girlfriend Jalena Risitic. Djokovic is at the moment on holiday, as he recuperates after two gruelling months on the circuit.

“We have been together for eight years and we are planning joint future because we really love each other very much. We provide emotional stability to each other, which helps us in our professional careers,” said Novak.

While at the same time, Jalena reiterated what Djokovic said:

“We spoke about the wedding, that is natural course of things. Our mutual feelings lead us to it. When we have children, they will inherit excellent genes from both sides, because my mother was Olympic champion in handball. I am very proud of Novak, no matter what he does.”

All seems to be in place already for the wedding, apart from a certain role of the best man. Murray was also mentioned as the two are close buddies.

While Novak’s adversaries are jealous of various aspects of his game, the reigning Aussie Open champion showed his human side when he revealed that he was a jealous man himself.

“I was a bit jealous. I was with her at the photo session and asked if the beach program perhaps revealed too much. However, it turned out that everything worked out great. Jelena is beautiful,” said the world’s best tennis player.

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