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Djokovic delights Katie Holmes and fans in Jay Leno Show

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Djokovic delights Katie Holmes and fans in Jay Leno Show
Arguably the hottest tennis player on the planet, Novak Djokovic appeared in the popular Tonight Show with with Jay Leno and delighted everyone with his candour and trademark humour.


The last time he was on Jay Leno show, he was ranked No.3 in the world and without his jaw-dropping winning streaks of 2011, but this time, Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic looked like a No.1 in all practical sense and purposes, justifying his wit and humour with the newly acqquired status. The show was telecasted on August 2nd 2011 on NBC's prime time slot.

Djokovic talked about his coping with his gluten-free diet as Belgrade (Djokovic's hometown) is a city full of bakeries and confectioneries with practically everything carrying carbohydrates and fat, tempting the tennis star to give up the resolution, which helped him achieve new heights in his career.

Djokovic also humoured about his grunting on court as a teenager and said that the tennis court is not the only place he grunts, classic Nole.

When asked about his 43 match winning streak coming to an end, Djokovic said that he was a win away from emulating John McEnroe's all time record but fell short in the French Open semifinals when Roger Federer got the better of him. Djokovic also shared a trivia about practicising with McEnroe on the day of his semifinal match with Federer, candidly blaming Johnny-Mac for the loss.

Towards the end of the show, Djokovic shook a leg with his native traditional dancers, who had come specially to the show for a small skit. Djokovic not only joined the dance group but also encouraged Jay Leno and fellow guest Katie Homes, to join him on the floor.

World No.1 Novak Djokovic is a tour leader this season with two grand slams, 4 masters series titles and 2 more ATP World Tour event triumphs. The Serbian has already qualified for the year-ending Barclays ATP World Tour finals.


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Posted By saca,   Posted about 2482 days and 3 hours ago

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You need to have a sense for humor to see what is funny...

Posted By Micadavenport,   Posted about 2483 days and 5 hours ago

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Was it actually funny?



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