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David Ferrer vs Albert Ramos - Madrid Masters Match Preview

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David Ferrer vs Albert Ramos - Madrid Masters Match Preview
In an all Spanish battle here at the Mutua Madrid Open in the Spanish capital, last year's French Open finalist David Ferrer is all set to square off with Albert Ramos, in what will no doubt be an intriguing battle.

Fifth seeded Spaniard David Ferrer is set to receive a huge welcome here in Madrid today as he squares off with fellow countryman Albert Ramos. Ferrer, who is widely regarded as the ultimate underdog in the sport today, has admirers all over the world and has shown one and all that despite being diminutive in size one can make a name for himself in the sport.

Not just size, Ferrer hardly has anything about his game that come compare with the arsenal of strokes at the disposal of the Roger Federers, the Rafael Nadals or the Novak Djokovics of this world. Despite it all, Ferrer continues to challenge the aforementioned trio from time to time. Ferrer’s grit and determination is second to none, and it continues to fetch him the rewards. At the moment, the Valencia native is ranked at 5 in the world and is ahead of Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych in the rankings.

Despite that, the now 32 year-old admits that due to his style of play he won’t be able to hang around for too long. At the moment, he has a win-loss record of 22-8, and the Spaniard knows that he has started to slow down this year.

Facing Ferrer’s tenacity today will be fellow Spaniard Albert Ramos who has a win-loss record of 9-11 this year and is now ranked at 105 in the world.

Head to Head: The duo has played twice in the past and unsurprisingly it was Ferrer who came out on top on both occasions.

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