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Brazilians await Federer's arrival

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Brazilians await Federer's arrival
Roger Federer who is looking forward for his trip to Brazil next month has started his training schedule and is eagerly seeking to enthrall his tennis fans.

Former World No. 1 Roger Federer would be visiting Brazil next month to participate in an inaugural exhibition series. The Swiss legend will take on Brazilian tennis star Thomaz Belluci in Sao Paulo when he starts the exhibition series in the South American nation from 6th December.

Federer who would be arriving to the “Samba” nation is very much looking forward to his visit which will be his first as a professional tennis player. His visit comes at a time prior to the start of the new season.

The 17th time Grand Slam champion has already begun his training in gym for the upcoming event which he believes would entertain and serve as a feast for the eyes for die hard tennis fans.

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Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Men Singles  SF
Roger Federer (SUI) Winner 2 7 6
Novak Djokovic (SRB) 0 5 2
Federer - Djokovic    7 - 5    6 - 2   
Served By: R Federer Won By: Federer
Game IN, Winner: Federer!!! Federer hits a flat serve at T, Djokovic struggles to put it back.
40-30   IN, Winner: Federer!!! Huge serve guided at T, Djokovic crafts a backhand return, good rally, Djokovic backhand fails to clear the net.
30-30   IN, Winner: Federer!!! Federer aims a fine serve at T, Djokovic only manages to touch it.
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