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Andy Murray should win at least 6 Majors: John McEnroe

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Andy Murray should win at least 6 Majors: John McEnroe
Former World No.1 John McEnroe backed Andy Murray to lift at least 6 Major Titles after the Scot ended Britain's 77 year title drought by winning Wimbledon yesterday.

World No.2 Andy Murray repeated Fred Perry’s feat when he won got home the Wimbledon title after a gap of 77 years, defeating World No.1 Novak Djokovic in straight sets 6-4, 7-5, 6-4. Former Wimbledon Champion John McEnroe expects a lot out of Murray after this win, “I'd be surprised if he doesn't win at least six majors. He's come into his own and there's a lot to look forward to,” the American said.

The Scot lost to Roger Federer last year in the finals and went one step further this year, lifting his second Grand Slam at the All England Club. “This is a big thing,” McEnroe said. “This is a new face who has stepped up in a big way. It's clearly important for all of tennis, but here in Britain it's monumental. Every year people ask the same questions - now he never has to hear Fred Perry's name again.”

“When he pumped his fists at the end, I thought he was doing it to Tim Henman in the commentary booth because he had some mutual respect for what Tim had done himself. But he said it was a little defiance towards the press. He's shut them down and will never have to hear people again asking whether he can win it. Hopefully he'll get the respect he deserves. He looks pretty darn good to me.”

With this victory, Murray is losing down the gap between himself and the Serb for the World No.1 Title. Scot's victory on Centre Court ensured the gap is closing. “He's got a two, three, four-year period - a couple of years especially - where he's going to be tough to beat, really tough,” said McEnroe, a three-time singles champion at Wimbledon. “He sometimes says hard courts are his favorite surface - maybe he'll beg to differ now - but he has a chance to be number one in the world this year if things go well for him. He could win the US Open to have two majors this year; no-one else would have that.”

Murray’s title victory came after his Olympic Gold last year at this venue, “It's been a long time coming," McEnroe said. “He was getting closer and, to me, the Olympics was the big difference. He had to get back off the mat after losing to Federer last year and that forced him to get back on the court quicker. All of a sudden the crowd really got behind him, realised they could make a difference and they did.”

“He won the US Open, so that took a little bit of pressure off coming into this year's Wimbledon. The draw opened up and it was like 'he's got to get at least to the final. He did that and then he was able to play up to his ability. It was very hot - a lot of strain and stress on both guys.”

The American further added, “I think the Del Potro semi-final took a bit out of Djokovic, while Murray was moving exceptionally well and made an impact that way. Novak was a little shaken at times.” He also was hopeful about Rafael Nadal coming back to form to challenge Murray and Djokovic, “It depends with Rafa - we're all hoping he'll come back in the mix and not just on clay," added the 54-year-old American.

“There's some concern based on what happened here, but hopefully that's a blip because if we had three of them that would really be special. But then someone else is going to come along. Jerzy Janowicz showed up and there's going to be another guy, maybe him, that's going to cause problems. Del Potro was fantastic. We'll see.”

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