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Ana Ivanovic poses nude for a Hollywood photographer

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Ana Ivanovic poses nude for a Hollywood photographer
One of the hottest tennis babes, Ana Ivanovic of Serbia showed her natural side to the world, as she posed for renowned Hollywood fashion photographer John Russo.

Though, she has not been able to rekindle her on-court magic with her performance, stunning Serbian Ana Ivanovic has a lot to offer to her ever-swelling fan base. The Serbian posed in a number of exquisite settings for notable Hollywood fashion photographer John Russo.

The settings varied from pool to gym. In fact, Ivanovic posed seemingly naked or at least topless in a swimming pool and also showed her sexy side by donning gorgeous dresses. The twenty four years old Serbian also posed in a massage parlour and a gym. To see more, check out the video!

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Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Men Singles  SF
Roger Federer (SUI) Winner 2 7 6
Novak Djokovic (SRB) 0 5 2
Federer - Djokovic    7 - 5    6 - 2   
Served By: R Federer Won By: Federer
Game IN, Winner: Federer!!! Federer hits a flat serve at T, Djokovic struggles to put it back.
40-30   IN, Winner: Federer!!! Huge serve guided at T, Djokovic crafts a backhand return, good rally, Djokovic backhand fails to clear the net.
30-30   IN, Winner: Federer!!! Federer aims a fine serve at T, Djokovic only manages to touch it.
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