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1991: Jimmy Connors Vs. Aaron Krickstein

By Akshay Kohli 

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In this marathon five set encounter Jimmy Connors proved that even at 39, Jimmy had the will to win and was STILL A HOT HEAD! Losing the first set 3-6, at 7-7 in the second set tie-break, with Krickstein serving, a long rally and a great overhead by the American south paw was called in by the linesman.But, Krickstein pointed his finger, calling the ball out and the chair umpire over-ruled the call.

A VERY ferocious Connors said so many things to the chair umpire, you could actually feel the pain for him. This outrage from Connors helped him with the set and the match, which also had a dramatic ending. Another similar situation and a similar result, the umpire over-ruling the call in Krickstein's favor. Connors finished the match in style as the crowd celebrated the victory with him.

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