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What is Semi-Western Forehand Grip in tennis ?

By Ajay Tyagi 

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The Semi-Western forehand grip is obtained by placing the hand such that the Semi-Western Grip base knuckle of the index finger is right on the third bevel. 

This grip is mostly used by players who play most of the time from the baseline and prefer whacking a winner from the back of the court to the points.

Pros: The semi-Western Grip allows a player to crank considerable amount of top spin on the forehand. The grip also enhances the level of consistency in the game.

With a considerable possibility of topspin the strokes can be hit in a more aggressive manner and a faster roll over the ball is possible to keep more of the strokes at tactical places of the court.

Cons: With the face of the racquet closed in this grip, having a go at the low balls near the foot will be a problem. The volleys cannot be hit with optimum balance at the net as the best grip for volleys is the continental grip.

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