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What is Eastern Forehand Grip in tennis ?

By Ajay Tyagi 

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For Eastern Forehand grip you need to place your hand in such a way that Eastern Forehand Gripthe base knuckle of the index finger is right on the second bevel. The easiest way to obtain this grip is to place the hand flat against the strings and slide down to the grip and then hold the racquet firmly like shaking hands with it. That's why this grip is also known as the shake hand grip. 


Pros: The sweet spot for the stroke with this grip is higher than that of the Continental grip. It is one of the most comfortable grips to learn the forehand. It allows the player to get a proper brush and feel effect on the ball. Switching to different grips is also very easy and quick with this kind of grip.

Cons: This is not the most comfortable grip for higher shots and returns. The eastern forehand grip is still not the right grip which can sustain the long rallies of the match. This grip falls short of creating that ultimate roll of the ball to keep the balls in the court.


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