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What is Continental Grip in tennis ?

By Ajay Tyagi 

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The Continental grip is nothing but the shake hand grip or chopper grip. Continental GripThis grip was used by most of the players during the early incubation of tennis. It is obtained when you hold the racket as an axe for chopping, hence chopper grip. For perfect continental grip, place your hand in such a way such that the base knuckle of the index finger is right on the first bevel. 

Pros : Making strokes with the continental grip actually allows the forearm and the wrist to function smoothly. The strokes can gain great power in his strokes and serves. The continental grip is very useful at the net for quick volleys and strokes near the net.

With the square grip like this one, balls which are low or at high pace or with great pace can be met easily. Defensive strokes can be constructed with relative ease. This grip is also helpful in ripping high speed first serves in the game.

Cons : Striking the ball is all about timing with this grip. Putting spin to the ball is almost impossible with this game. The continental grip is always used to make quick returns and defensive strokes.

Hitting the ball out of the strike zone will be difficult with this grip. Maintaining consistency in with the strokes and the serve will also be a struggle with the continental grip.


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