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How to practice a tennis forehand?

By Gokul Pillai 

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-Beginner: To begin with hitting a forehand and getting the time right, the balls can be fed from one place so that the player can keep the feet in a predetermined state and take a swing at the ball when it bounces and takes a perfect position to be hit. Once you are successful in hitting the ball in the court with a predetermined stance, the amateur training can be taken up in full swing.

-Amateur: The coach or the trainer can hit the ball from near the service line on the opposite side. A little movement before keeping the footwork and taking the swing to hit the ball can be employed. Side-to-side movement on the court can be made to make the forehands. The right amount of control and speed can be figured out with this drill. Getting the right kind of footwork, swing and the power for every kind of ball hit can be difficult with a close stands forehand.


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