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How to play the single handed backhand?

By Gokul Pillai 

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How to play the single handed backhand?

The Single Handed Backhand (right handed): Backhand is a strokes that completes a player’s game. It gives any player the advantage of being prepared for a ball placed at any corner of the court and enhances the quality of stroke play. Reverse the alignment for left-handed player. This stroke can be played with the help of following steps:

1) Anticipation is key – Predict the placement of the ball as soon as it leaves the racquet of the opponent and start positioning for it accordingly. A well prepared ready stance is necessary for the same. As the anticipation is done, the time to take hold of the desired grip on the racquet comes into play after which the player decides on his footwork keeping in mind the pace at which the ball is being hit by the opponent.

2) Moving towards the ball – As the ball approaches, the player has to position himself accordingly. Pivoting towards the ball is the first step after which the player should turn the racquet to the desired grip and put his right foot almost 5 degrees in front of his back gripping the neck of the racquet with his left hand for the back swing as the racquet should be left pointed towards the sky. The right shoulder should be pointing towards the spot of wishful placement while taking the backswing to hit the ball. 

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